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Posted on 2006.04.22 at 19:23
I feel...: draineddrained
As I listen to...: "Next to Nothing" ~Breaking Benjamin

Found and Happy! A little peeved and lost.

in a
constantly in
a world of
All day today, man. Let me tell you... I've been one
lost little girl.  You'd never believe how fast
my Confidence dropped,
as if it were nothing more than an eye
opening to erase a dream that was never really there.

Sometimes I think that my fascination with Philosophy
has taken me down
and left me for a questioning, young idiot.
At least I'm not a fool, or am I? 
Are we all?

Does it
that I'm
unable to be found?
And for that matter, does that mean that I'm in a wave of constant inquisition?
For the rest of my natural days, am I left to be this doomed "Saintess" of the
reality I don't understand.  Do we all live in dreams?  Are we all prey of a
Forsaken Afterlife?  Can there arguably be an afterlife? So, do we not
have Freewill, a Soul, or a God? I feel like I'm in a 
small boat at the base of a very deformed candle, burning relentlessly on an ever-churning sea...